Tuesday, April 6, 2010

54 days.

54 days and baby girl, Dozzer, and myself board a plane and go back "home". Oddly enough I could not be more excited! Its weird how I hated that place so much when I was there but as soon as I left I couldn't wait to get back. I'm sure because I know when I go back there it wont be long before my love gets home.
I do find myself wanting to leave early though, because of his family. I really don't understand why they act the way they do. I have only met one other person my entire life that is comparably as fake as they are. I am glad I have a great memory because as soon as everything started happening all of a sudden I realized "wow this sure is familiar". Hopefully this time they have enough respect for Ben to NOT write him letters explaining how they don't like me and I'm such a terrible person. I highly doubt that though.
I'm glad I learned my lesson and will not put myself in this position ever again. He told me to ignore them and not have anything to do with them so THAT is exactly what I will do. And next deployment I will completely cut them out of my life until he gets back so this cant happen a third time.Its sad they haven't asked how Cambria is doing or even made an attempt to speak to me in any way for over 2 months, other then asking for money that is. I am now making the adult decision and saying good bye, my daughter deserves better. end of story.
On a better note I LOVE my blog Nicole did an AMAZING job!

Mrs. B-Dub

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