Wednesday, April 7, 2010

pain ,pain go away.

I guess to slightly explain the name of my blog. I do not think my life is terrible at all, but its also nothing close to a fairytale. I have been fortunate enough to find real,true love and also have an amazingly beautiful daughter whom I love more then words could explain. So in a way I do think of my life as a fairytale, a fucked up one that is. Such as in no fairytale has the prince[husband] ever had to leave his loved ones behind numerous times with out really knowing of a safe return.

Its weird to me Ben and I have been together for over 2 years and in that entire time we have never been together during the dates of September 11th-October 20th. I would never complain about his job or this life I knew what I was getting into when I fell in love with him. No 90% of the time it isn't fun or enjoyable but I think there is an upside to always being alone. First I do believe the military relationships that actually make it, are the strongest relationships in the entire world. We have literally been through hell and back and then back to hell numerous times and at the end of it our love is stronger as well as we as a person are stronger. Being why I love the quote "A marine wife, the fewer, the prouder, the strongest.". Also we never leave the honeymoon stage, if they're not deployed they're in the field or working 20 hour days so when we DO get to spend time with them its the best thing ever!
I don't know any other person[civilian] that could go 18+ days without a single word from there husband and still be able to smile. I wont lie it annoys me when I hear people complaining about 2 days or a week I'm like shit it MIGHT 2 weeks before a get a phone call lasting of maybe 10 minutes if he doesn't lose service and it MIGHT be 7 months until I get laid again quit your bitchin! But that's the strength of a military wife. Something I am proud to be.

Mrs. B-Dub

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