Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shes a big girl now!

Today we had our first spoon feeding! It was a MESS lol but fun, right towards the end she finally started really eating instead of just getting mad at me and spitting everywhere. I think I'm going to start trying it every other feeding, cause her doctor said to start out slow and by 6 months she should be almost completely on baby food not formula. I just cant believe we are already to this stage, shes growing up to quickly.
I just love being a mommy so much. Shes my best friend and just so much fun I cant wait until the toddler years! Today has just been a lounge day just me and baby girl its been nice! Found out daddy might be home sooner then expected :) still waiting on a phone call though[story of my life]. So house searching it is, praying I find something soon. I really cant wait to go back to NC I will miss my few friends here and my mom but I need to leave.

Mrs. B-Dub


  1. Yay! Congrats! I'm glad your lovie will be home soon! :) She's growing up so fast. Seems like you just had her! :)

  2. I was always rushing Erik to the next "milestone" couldn't wait for him to do something new or different and now I can't believe that he is going to kindergarden and am wishing he was a baby again!!

  3. I remember this stage. My son cried like a banchee! Hahaha! Yay for a new milestone :)