Thursday, May 13, 2010

1 year down a lifetime to go.

Today being Ben and I's one year wedding anniversary I thought I would just tell "our story". So here I go...

It all started February 28th 2008, the day we met. I lived with an ex friend and had gotten off of work early so I gave her a call and she told me to come by her husbands cousins house because they were having a party. So I did, as I pulled into the driveway there was this guy holding my friends 3 year old and all I could think was who's this guy? A few seconds later I was introduced to the man that would later become my husband and my first words to him other then "hi" LOL "you know your just a bullet catcher right?" My uncle was a ranger and well you can only imagine what I grew up hearing about marines, he was cool about it though just laughed and said yeah. I still remember what he was wearing lol a black shirt with a "devil dog" on the back which is odd because the only time he wears anything military is when he's at work, blue AE jeans, and black adidas tennishoes.
We pretty much just kept staring at each other the first half of the night, I thought he was SOOO hot. And he had these blue eyes I couldn't not be mesmerized by. At the time I still smoked so I told my friend to go out side with me so I could smoke because I didn't want him to know. About 2 minutes outside out came Ben, and to my surprise he asked what kind of cigarette I was smoking I told him Marlboro menthol smooth. His reply" oh camel frosts are better, but can I have some.". I remember thinking OMG he's amazing. For some reason we started talking about car's and ended up standing outside just talking to each other for hours.
The next day he friend requested me on myspace, and after emailling we decided we should go out on a date. We went to the family fun center more for my friends three year old then us but I also thought if he cant have fun there, we totally can not be friends. Again to much of my surprise it was a blast!! after wards he came back to our house where we continued to hang out and then he had to leave. He was actually on pre-deployment leave which I didn't know, I walked him out to his car and we hugged.. that was it. As soon as he left we started texting and at 1:53 am March 1st 2008 he asked me to be his girlfriend in a total 1st grade way lol theres more to that story but it would make this book a novel.
So he left but called at each airport and then when he landed in Raleigh NC he called and mentioned how his passenger seat was empty and that was so not cool. We continued talking literally 24/7 probably slept two hours a night that whole week. The next week he told me to check my email when I got home and when I did, there was my flight itinerary. We had been talking about how awesome it would be if I came there to send him off and be able to spend more time together and there it was, it was going to happen. I arrived in Raleigh NC airport March 6th, I was scared shitless I just left Oregon with out telling anyone. Just left on a complete whim and a very strong urge to be with this man I had known for barely 8 days. I was 19 years old and 4000 miles away from anything I knew.
When he got to the airport to pick me up my heart was beating so fast and I had no idea what to do. Do I hug him, do I kiss him, what if he wants to kiss and I go in for a hug or I go in for a kiss and he hugs and then he'll think Im a freak. Luckily we both went in for a kiss and it was totally like the kisses you see in movies where the guy lifts the girl up and swings her around. And that was the beginning of my forever. Every night we stayed up just talking about everything, life, experiences, relationships, everything we both put it ALL out there. It was amazing how much we had in common, it was amazing how amazingly we just clicked together.
Then came the day, he had to leave March 17th, we stayed up the night before watching Dane Cook a vicious circle[forever our movie]. At 6:05 am that morning I said I love you and see you later to the man I had completely fallen in love with in only 19 days of knowing him. I thought I was crazy, making the decision to stay with this man during a 7-9 month deployment. I had no idea what to expect I know I was often worried of his safety during our first deployment but it was very surreal to me.
I wont lie our first deployment was TERRIBLE started off great then about a quarter in the person who introduced us, the person I thought was my best friend took it upon herself as a life goal to break us up. She told his whole family ridiculous lies about me, told me he had been calling and writing her about how disgusted he was with me and didn't want to be with me. Which turned into a ridiculous amount of drama as anything always does with her but that's a different story. On July 2nd my grandpa passed away from cancer. The doctor had given him 2 weeks and I immediately got on the first plane to Oregon, But he passed away the night before I arrived. I took it VERY hard as I lived with my grandparents most of my life and he was the person I was closest to. And that was when shit hit the fan. To make a longer story shorter his little sister told me that it had been almost a month and I should be over my grandpas death by now.
A lot more drama ended up happening and we ended up breaking up 2 months before he got home. We had both gotten tired of hearing that neither of us wanted to be with the other any longer. Funny thing neither of us ever said anything like that which we found out later. We still spoke though, I still wrote but I eventually got a "friend/short fling" which was my right to do as a single 19 year old female. Ben returned from Afghanistan late October 20th 2008. I was at the homecoming unsure of what to expect I had my buddy come with me so he could check out marines[he's bi] and be my rock just in case. Seeing Ben walk towards me after 8 months of separation made me even more scared because of all I didn't know of what to expect, the feelings that instantly rushed back was the last thing I expected to happen. As he drove me back to my house in Virgina Beach I cried the entire 4 hours, I bawled. I knew I'd fucked up, I knew he hated me, and was only driving me back out of the kindness of his heart but really would rather kick me out and make me walk.
At some point during the drive I mustered up the courage to ask him one question Id been dreading for a few months. I had to know if it was real, if what we had was real or if it was just a game. He reassured me that yes, it was very real which made me cry even harder. When we arrived at my apartment we ended up standing/sitting in the parking lot for nearly 6 hours. We laughed, we cried, we yelled, and after literally discussing everything that had happened we came to the realization that neither of us ever wanted to break up. We then decided to drive back to Jacksonville another 4 hours, a lot more conversation and the closer we got.
We decided to get back together that day, I went back to Virginia beach to work we originally planned for me to stay there until January and we'd both save money and grow as a couple visiting when ever we could. Well that lasted a week, he came and got me we went back to Oregon to see family and have just fallen even more in love everyday since.

He officially asked me to marry him in January something we had been discussing during the whole deployment even planned on getting married march 1st 2009. So we discussed it again but decided we wanted to take our time and plan our wedding for a couple years later. Then April 22nd we found out we were pregnant big shocker to the both of us. Ben was originally suppose to deploy august 2009 so after talking about it and realizing the only way he could be there for any part of the pregnancy with out having to pay every bill, was if we got married. I'm half Indian[native american] and my tribe for some reason will only cover you medically, in Oregon more specifically Coos county. So we got hitched! May 13th at 11:14 at night we went to the court house with our closest friends and said our 'I do's'. We still plan to have our "wedding" in a couple years but now that we have Cambria we aren't in any hurry.
So there it is my own little fucked up fairytale.

Mrs. B-Dub


  1. I love it =) I even got all teary eyed in some parts! sounds alot like Paul & i's little love story(how fast it all happend) But i can see how much he & cambria have changed your life for the better & i love them for that! You two will make it through anything! =)

  2. AWW thank you and yes our stories are pretty similar. and thank you, I really have changed a lot its actually pretty fun being a grown up!