Friday, May 7, 2010

Fuck it.

So I made my blog private yesterday after realizing there are truly pathetic people out there that have nothing better to do then stalk your life lol. A friend showed me that I was accused in an open forum of which I wasn't even involved for cheating on my husband with 6 guys lol. And the funniest part the person who said it has yet to be faithful to a single boyfriend, she even had an affair with a man over twice her age when we were juniors in highschool breaking up his marriage. So anyway I was a little pissed cause it never happened and well 6 guys is A LOT like almost my whole list and I for sure was not a virgin when Ben and I got together. Anyway I decided today that if those pathetic wastes of flesh want to stalk my life and be complete fucktards they can have fun. Aparently I'm that important that they can't handle me kicking them out of my life cause I perfer not to be associated with trash. The end you will no longer waste any more time in my life.

So I'm in Sacramento pretty fun, lots of asians!!!! I saw a street called "manlove" and for the first time saw a group of mexicans huddled outside of a home depot LMAO! I've enjoyed cheesecake from the cheescake factory for the first time but I think mines better, still it was num. Tomorrow will be my first visit to San fransisco, going to the stickin rose andlovin me some garlic! And Sunday it's back to home. I like the vacation and spending time with Jamie and Velma but I think this city is way to much for me.

Ohh Ben called last Monday!! :) I love him and feel so blessed that we have such an amazing relationship. then I got two letters from him Tuesday in one was his most likely return date and a 5 year plan.. Aparently I'm having another baby lol. So basically Im working my ass off to get skinny hot to get all big again but I think in a couple years we will be ready for another one. However for now little miss Cambria has EVERYONE wrapped around her little fingers so tight another baby isn't even a thought.

So for now I'm just livin life and loving it! Hoping to sign up for the run for warriors marathon with my fellow wives! And still looking for a house but I have a fall back so it's no biggy can't wait to see my ladies in nc though and meet all the new babies.

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