Wednesday, May 12, 2010

someday when all your bridges have been burned, then who will you turn to?

I recently like 10 minutes ago came across a blog of someone I know of but not personally. This person was "friends" with the same person I thought/claimed to also be my "best friend" for 5 years. Last year I finally got tired of all her drama and lies I decided after much push from my husband lol to completely delete her out of my life, I had already quit talking to her and decided facebook and myspace were our only ties and they must be cut but much to my surprise when I logged on to both she had already deleted me. That was a year ago, and sense my life has had A LOT less drama well besides her telling his family and anyone else that will listen that Ive cheated and am cheating on my husband. And really her list goes on but sense I just feel better no longer associating myself with such filth I mean this person moved to my town sophomore year 15 weeks pregnant and told everyone she had been raped and decided to keep the baby [later found out TOTAL lie] she claimed to be an amazing cheerleader[even cheered with the Dallas cowboys cheerleaders] an amazing dancer performed in many "bowls".

It took me about a year to realize there was absolutely NOTHING of these accomplishments as well as none of her family ever discussed any of it. I though it to be odd considering my parents would never shut up about my tiny track accomplishment from back in 6th grade. Any way, the part that really affected me, my grandpa passed away suddenly from stage 4 cancer July 2nd 2008 not even a year after this girl told me she had cervical cancer and it was serious. She also claimed she was going to become a officer in the airforce, funny thing 1st off you can not enlist at all in any military branch with more then 2 children[she has 3], you can not enlist in any military branch with a serious past illness[such as cancer which she claimed to be treated at the naval hospital for], and her third strike, to become an officer of any military branch you must first graduate from an ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY [phoenix online does NOT qualify]. So it became VERY obvious to me that she had 1. either lied about ever having cancer or 2. was/is a complete fucktard that has no idea what shes talking about. I believe both are true.

So back to my point this persons blog I came across apparently recently realized how much of a liar and fake our "mutual friend" is. And I'm actually glad for her one of the main reasons I decided to be done with that person was realizing how badly she talked about her friend but then seeing them talk on myspace as if they were the bestest of friends. I thought wow if she talks about her like this to mev I wonder what she says to her about me? And I just dont think anyone deserves the way our "mutual friend" treats people.

and now to YOU:
I will not be a fake christian and claim to pray for you I think you "pray" enough for all of us lol, I will not down grade you so as to call you a "poor excuse for a mother and wife". I know you are F*CKING PHSYCO and refuse to have anything to do with you, as I'm sure your STILL stalking me over a year later. I do thank you however for introducing Ben and I, you can be upset knowing we are doing great we have a beautiful baby girl and are more then happy to NOT have you in our lives. Im pretty confused as to why you would friend request my husband especially considering he out of everyone in this world HATES you more then words could explain. Im sure you'll claim that he's calling/writing you this deployment too though lol and he doesn't want to be with me and BLAH BLAH BLAH. your pathetic you need to grow up and stop worrying about other peoples lifes/marriages and maybe yours wouldn't suck so bad.

the end.
Mrs. B-Dub


  1. Phewww! This was great! Seems you really let some cooped up emotions out. And dear GOD that girl! It's insane to me, like, I can't grasp the concept of someone lying that much, and about such SERIOUS things that can obviously be proven to be a lie? Geez. I thought people like her were only made up for novels that need an antagonist. Man-oh-man. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah I never thought someone could actually be that crazy either and the worst part there is SOOOO much more. Its sad though for me like I really thought she was my friend and now Im like IDIOT! lol