Monday, May 17, 2010

super women dNa

The other day I woke up to the best voice in the world, my husbands. He lost service quite a few times but we got to talk for a while and it was really nice. The best part Cambria had woken up and after staring at the phone while Ben talked to her she started "talking" back. I think he might of started crying I know I almost did. It was so awesome though Ive recorded her sounds like a mad women so he would be able to hear them when he gets back and for fathers day I even sent him one of those hallmark cards that you can record your own message. Well I used the video I have of Cambria growling lol it didn't sound so great but I know he'll love it.

I had to babysit for my friend[where I don't have cell service] that day, after I spoke to Ben and I was so on cloud 9 all day nothing could bring me down. I decided to go into town and get Ben the few items he asked for[socks,razor..etc] so when I got back like within 5 minutes the house phone rang. Wyatt[6 year old] answered with hello?, then uhm yeah who's this?[in a protective 6 year old boy voice lol] then he starts walking to me and says its Ben?. I instantly got butterflies but was so confused cause I did not expect to hear from him until he was state side.

So it was Ben AGAIN. we got to talk for nearly an hour it was awesome. We pretty got our future pretty well planned out. Decided we will talk about another baby in about 2 years, but wont try until he picks up the next rank maybe our first smart decision lol. Were going to switch to air traffic controller and then maybe in four years go back[SF was his very first duty station] to security forces if he wants to stay in, if not air traffic controllers make a pretty descent income so we also have something to fall back on. It was so nice just to be able to talk to him though. I love that we are the bestest of friends and flick each other shit about anything makes our conversations fun.

I also received 4 letters from him that day as well and they made me realize how lucky I am. He knows I've been stressing about my body after having Cambria and he wrote me a whole letter just reminding me it took 10 months for me to get it on its going to take me longer then 7 months to get it off and not to be so hard on myself cause I'm doing an amazing job. But also that he loves me no matter what and loves every part of me no matter what. He told me how proud of me he was for taking care of him and our baby as well as our bills and moving. He just went on to say how thankful he is for me and how much he loves me, it really felt so good to read everything.

I think we as wives especially military wives need to remember how hard our job is even if it doesnt require a W-2 form. I'm sure that I am not the only one that often feels I dont do enough especially compared to all that Ben does. But in realty I do, otherwise I KNOW Ben would tell me to get off my ass and do something. Being a house wife is not easy and on top of it we never know what time diner should be done. I remember one morning I decided to go crazy and clean the entire house walls everything and about 30 minutes in all of a sudden Ben was home/off work and had things WE needed to do, not such a big deal but in the civilian world that doesn't happen often. Our men's schedules are never concrete not even close which makes our schedules ridiculous. But we do it some how, I believe God really did make us all soul mates and the spouses of a military member have a little super women in them other wise there is no way to explain it.

Mrs. B-Dub

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