Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the final countdown.

Oh how I love growth spurts for nap :), how ever she'll probably wake up any minute now that I'm blogging.
So its here finally here the final countdown has officially begun! I also got to chat with my lovey this morning since the beginning of the deployment when I missed him being on face book three times in two days I changed my settings and updated the mobile settings so I get a text message when he writes me or posts something. Before the only things that would wake me were his ring tone and well Cambria until I turned his phone back on and we were able to text now I wake up all night even though his phone is off again I seem to receive quite a few texts through out the night mostly from my friends back west who seem to forget the time difference and that bed time is typically around 9. But especially last night some of the guys Ben included moved to a different base to wait to come home and so I had been anticipating that text message all day. I woke up atleast 5 different times last night and then finally at 5 am I got the message my heart rate was sky high!
My mom should be leaving tomorrow to start her voyage east bound. Friday there's a sign making get together on base that I'm rather excited for because I tend to lack in the creativity area when it comes to that kind of thing. So I'm hoping some of the ladies will help maybe even Cambria ;) hoping she'll let me use her hands and feetsies cause I know her daddy would LOVE it. I do need to think of some brilliant quotes as well. I just can't believe this deployment is seriously almost over. Our baby girl is almost 7 months old and only seems to make me fall even more in love with her each day. I can't wait to see Ben's expression when he sees her smile, hears her laugh, hears her blow raspberries as it has become her favorite thing as of lately.
I cant wait to have my life back.

Mrs. B-Dub

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