Saturday, June 19, 2010

finally a place to call Home.

Well we are finally in our house and settled! Just got internet turned on today and then after calling time warner and 15 minutes/1 beer and shutting the laptop down twice we finally figured it out. I guess I shouldn't say we are completely settled the truck is STILL in Oregon waiting to be picked up and shipped here and ALL of Ben's gear is still in Cambria's room waiting for me to sort through it and re-pack it in the storage shed out back. But for the most part its definitely 'home'. Some more good news was notified the other day the for sure date my lovey will be home and GAWD does that feel good to have a date and know in less then a month everything will be okay.

Ive realized lately that I have missed my old friend coors light but also when I do drink I REALLY want a marlboro menthol like bad but at the same time I dont want to smoke I dont my child exposed to that anymore then she already will be just by going outside, even though I would never smoke around her but still. Today we are going to the beach with a friend Jessica and Ben and I's like best friend Adam. Im excited to get my tan on because its not being as resilient[inside joke to a few friends who read, I know it makes absolutely NO sense] as Id hoped. And this momma is going to wearing a bikini, Yes I may not have a washboard abdomen but compared to a lot of the people you will see at the beaches here I may as well be auditioning for victoria's secret. And I really don't care I guess you get to that point soon after you become a mom, I have a husband and he's not here so Im not trying to impress anyone, just want a tan and I prefer my midsection to not be ghostly.

New thought Ive almost decided Im going brunette! Im tired of having to get my hair done every four weeks because it grows so fast, as well as Sarah[friend and stylist] isn't here to do it. So I kind of want something different but also closer to my natural color because bleach blonde isn't it lol However I do like these colors on me I think Im going to stick with the reds but just change the blonde to brown. Now I just have to hope it turns out good, I am getting bored with blonde though it is fun but its been fun for 21 years and I think its time for a change. So pictures to follow soon-ish lol.

Mrs. B-Dub

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