Monday, June 28, 2010

one more bump in this wonderful thing called life.

Ive become addicted to two television shows recently, the first being Californication and the second being Friday night lights. Considering our truck is still not here netflix and cleaning are my only options. But good news my truck will be here within a week because my mom decided to say 'fuck it' and shes driving. But of corse the truck shipping company called early this morning before I was able to call them and was so excited to let me know they found a driver to get my truck, and I told them "well that would've been great a month ago like when you were suppose to pick it up. But unfortunately I have already found someone else to deliver it and will be paying much less then you are asking and it will be here much faster then you will deliver it so I'm sorry but you need to cancel my order." She was pretty pissed but well Ive been pretty pissed for the past month waiting for my truck and being told two days after it should have already been here that I need to pay more because they under quoted me.
Yeah just one more bump in this wonderful thing called life. I have to say its funny to me how the FRO lets you knows the 'official' arrival times just a few days before they are arriving[not talking about my husband] however I already know the arrival times for my husband and have known for a week and its still weeks away. I know that there are a lot of idiots who dont understand you cant post that stuff everywhere but I just dont see how telling someone a week before arrival is different then 3 weeks? personally it still wont hit me for another week but I have time to prepare and time things out instead of having to cram everything into a week.
okay rant over.

On to other news. My mom will be here in about a week and Im really excited partly to see my mom but mostly to show her around this area, take her on base and to the Atlantic ocean just show her a good time considering the only time shes been farther east then Nevada was last year when she flew to Raleigh to drive back to Oregon with me but we left practically immediately and didn't have enough time or desire to make the 46 hour drive any longer then needed.

Okay new rant what is with all these young naive girls in this rush to be marine wives? I will admit I was that girl two years ago little less naive but still that girl. Thank God we both wised up and actually allowed ourselves time to get to know each other and live together before being complete idiots. I just don't get it "were gonna get married as soon as he gets back and then get a house and then......" news flash 90% NOT happening. most likely he will break up with you within two weeks after he gets back simply because he's changed. You did your job kept him happy for 7+ months with something to look forward to but most likely he's not ready or willing to get married as soon as he gets back and get a house and blah blah blah. I say this not from personal experience as you can read my experience a few blogs ago but of watching this exact situation play out with quite a few different couples and hearing of it with even more.
All I can say to you is SLOW down this is a great life I will not lie but its also not a life I would wish upon anyone. I like being a marine wife but more so I love being MY marines wife. I will not sit here and preach as if I know everything about the marine corps or the military as well I don't and am not sure anyone does but I do know rushing into a marriage is not a wise decision for anyone not matter how "in love" you are.
the end.

Mrs. B-Dub

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  1. I am super excited that you are getting your truck back! you need it with a little one! anything can happen! & i am even more excited that you are getting your hubby back! I know how bad it sucks to be with out em...but soon! & ya'll made it thru another deployment YAY! =)
    As far as people rushing off and getting married thinking they are going to live their happily ever after... well i would have married Paul the day we became an "official" couple & i am glad that i didn't i knew i would marry him one day but i am glad that i got to live with him first and learn to accept the things about him (like how he is an absolute pig LOL) most the time people get married in a rush because they don't know what they really want to do and marriage is easy nowadays i mean if its wrong then you can just get divorced... ridiculous right! but you are right they are young and have a lot of growing up to do... everyone learns their own way....
    but anywayyyy!! i miss you and think that we should plan a trip together(maybe FL eh?) or something if paul ends up not deploying!! =)