Tuesday, June 8, 2010

say what?

I have a question, opinions are welcome but only as long as they aren't rude.

At what point would you consider yourself a marine/soldier/sailor/ I don't know what everyone else calls themselves but them too? I'm asking because I know a person(female) that enlisted in the Marine corps a few years ago. They messed up their leg in high school never let it heal properly there for, only a couple weeks into boot camp their leg re broke and was even more messed up then before. So this person is a "medically retired marine" and gets paid from the corps for the rest of their life. I'm saying this because I just saw something where they were complaining about people not appreciating the military and all that they do, and then there sister in law thanked them for being a marine and all that they do. I feel very confused on how or why they would even consider them selves a marine. I guess I should add early last year they received a letter from the corps stating that they were to be checked out and possibly returned to active duty, they explained to me and another person how pissed they were that they might have to become active duty and finish boot camp and basically finish and do what they signed up for. So in my opinion for THAT person to consider themselves anything but a complete fucktard is ridiculous. You are not a marine, you tried kudos I give you that but you failed and not only that when they wanted to give you another chance you get pissed??? the last part was what upset me the most. Well that's my rant for the day.

Mrs. B-Dub


  1. Well me being in a similar situation going to basic and then finding out half way thru that i am pregnant i don't think that that means in any way that i am a soldier. If i got told that i would have to go back to active duty i wouldn't be mad i signed up for it didn't i? whoever thinks that he/she is a marine is wrong.... very very wrong...

  2. I wouldn't think that qualifies but what do I know?

  3. well in the beginning i was thinking 'aww how sad at least they tried to be a marine and then broke their leg' but then after bitching and complaining that they are being rechecked!?!? dude they should be excited and hopeful that they are well enough to return to boot camp and do what they set out for! or at least what the checks are paying them for!!!! sheesh