Friday, August 20, 2010

Love. Life.

The other day I finally put Cambria's pool up, luckily by the time I was done it wasn't muggy outside any more. The clouds had gone away and the sun was fully shinning, it was actually pretty hot. I think she was pretty stoked to play with her bath toys in an even larger "bath" that she could crawl around in and mommy and daddy where there to play as well.

I was excited to get pictures of her and Ben and that she got to wear her new swim suit. Mostly I was excited to do something as a "family" that didn't require driving or money. Just good clean/free fun. Well I guess I will just post a few pictures since I don't really know what else to write.

Oh and if you look close enough at the left part of her forehead you will see her "battle wounds" the coffee table hasn't won just yet.

they are my world. <3

I told you she's been teething. And this is her new super cute swim suit its Minny mouse. On our way to the beach one day we realized her swim suit was NO WHERE so, we got her a new one. I then remembered I had left a bunch of my beach gear with my friend Jessica and it was probably in with it, and low behold it was. So now she has two super cute swim suits :).

Mrs. B-Dub

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  1. your little girl is so cute! and you can tell she was really excited to be in the pool :) question, how did you make your button? it's my new quest and i have yet to figure one out!