Thursday, August 19, 2010


You know what I am sick and tired of? Fakes, but more so I'm tired of people faking religion. I saw a site on face book that seems fitting "going to church does not make you a christian anymore then standing in a garage makes you a car". I personally do not go to church, why? actually I am not really sure why. I notice when my grandma tells me that Ben and I "need to find a good christian church and become closer to the Lord" I find myself making excuses as to why we wont go to church here or at all. I think its mostly because I feel it would be a lie for me to go to church simply because I am not "ready" to follow that path. I feel a relationship with God is no different then a relationship with your spouse. You shouldn't have to force it, it should just be there and flourish on its own. Maybe its just me?
I'm not ready to give up my Marilyn Manson(yes I'm a fan) or my interest in understanding other religions. How ever I do believe God to be the one true God and do accept him as my Lord and Savior. I know that believing and following him is the one and only way into Heaven and I also believe there is only one Heaven. But I also don't think its right to push your religion onto others, If they ask okay cool share away but also if they don't agree okay it happens thus why we have tons of other religions. And I think that's where I differ from a "true" christian.
I guess I'm just over hearing/seeing all these "Christians" who don't live the life. They put on this front and it personally disgusts me. And that's the thing if I were a true 100% christian I wouldn't have this blog complaining of these people I would just pray for them, but in all reality I hope nothing but the worst for these people. In the words of Katy Perry "let me be the first to wish you the worst".
I have a really hard time with grudges I can hold onto those sumbitches for ever, I mean for ever. But at the same time I tend to give people one too many chances to fool me. Most likely why I'm so big on grudges, I can overly relate myself to the quote "fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me". I guess have a rather large wall and absolutely no intentions of taking it down for a rather large group of people whom I once considered to be like family but they could all get hit by a bus loaded with a thousand pounds of C4 with a high sensitivity trigger that in the case anything came in contact with bus it was all to explode and on top of that be in the middle of a dessert with nothing and no one for 500 miles and I would not spare a thought for them. See I'm good with grudges :).
Okay rant over,

Now onto the happy Cambria decided to start crawling about a month ago lol and of corse immediately after she figured that out she started pulling herself up onto/up to everything. And so begins the "owey" stage shes mastered the art of bruises, but then decided instead of falling head first leaning back and landing on her butt is a lot more fun and less painful. Mommy and Daddy agree with that. Also yesterday she got her first tooth, the teething process is not so fun.

Mrs. B-Dub


  1. I am of the opinion that God is much to busy to spend sunday morning in church! He has other things to do! :)

  2. You said everything I've been trying to get out for years. I agree with you 100%. :)

    P.S. I'm a Marilyn Manson fan, too.