Wednesday, September 22, 2010

day 2. My crush

well if I were to write to my current crush(s) I highly doubt Gerard Butler or John Mayer or any of you are going to care, So instead I will write to my first crush not that anyone will care anyway.
Dear Garrett Caldwell,
Oh kindergarten was so fun, You were so cute blonde hair blue eye (kinda sounds like Ben lol). I had the biggest crush on you if Id known how to write your name back then and had a folder it would've been covered with I ♥ Garrett's. I remember when you gave me a piece of gum I just knew it was meant to be. Until you kissed Holly S. lets just say I was quite angry and that might have had something to do with breaking her wrist later on that day, that and she tried to push me out of line after P.E.
Anyway we became good friends and I'm glad. When I switched schools I was very sad and even more so when we eventually moved cause I could no longer see you at church. I was very happy to see you years later at the county fair and had a great time with you and my brother. I don't think about you that often these days but when I do, I wonder how you are and hope you are living a great life.
Mrs. B-Dub

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