Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 6. A stranger.

Dear man that pumped my gas at Fred Meyer,
Thank you for your kind words, at the time I was having a terrible day/week/month. My husband was deployed to Afghanistan, I was dealing with being a "single" parent and just hoping I was good enough for her. Mean while people were making my life very difficult and to this day I don't know why they said and did the things they have. Anyway I was only getting gas, I asked you to "fill it with regular, please." and gave you my debit card and my Fred Meyer card. I noticed you had a limp and thought nothing of it, now I wonder if you are a veteran and if I should have thanked you myself but at the time I just had a million things going on in my head. When you were done sliding my cards you walked back over to give them back to me and said "here you go Ma'am, and next time you talk to your husband thank him for me.". I knew you'd seen the sticker I put on the back window with the EGA and the words "my husband defends our freedom" around it and maybe seen the North Carolina plates and put two and two together and assumed my husband was deployed. I immediately started bawling which you probably noticed and said "thank you, I will."
I want you to know even though you made me cry you made me remember why I was doing what I was, why my job is so important. Why I had to put up with all the bull shit and be the strongest person I possibly could. I want to thank you for that, these days its rare for civilians to take three seconds and say "thank you" to service members but it happens and it means the world especially to us as wives.
To know that what our husbands are doing isn't in vain and is appreciated even if only by a few. Its those few that make it worth it.

sincerely, frequent Fred Meyer shopper.

Mrs. B-Dub

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  1. Every single time an old vet would start talking to me i would start balling or hold back my tears with that giant lump in my throat.. i feel ya girl i feel ya...