Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day3. the parental units.

Dear Mom,
First I want to say thank you, our relationship hasn't always been peachy but I do think we have an amazing relationship that I am more then thankful for! You have taught me so much in life that I hope to teach to Cambria. You are an AMAZING grandma, something I am so grateful for and you know why. Now that I m an adult I find I understand why you did the things you did, why you said the things you said. The lessons, the reasons why you grounded me all make sense now. I never thought you were a bad parent, I might have strongly disliked you a time or two but if you and dad have taught me anything over the years its this, its not important that they always like you however it is important that they respect you. Well I respect you mom possibly more then you know I love you as much as the north bend bridge.
love always, your sunshine.

Dear Dad,
From the moment you started dating my mom there was something different about you to me. You understood that with the women came the child and you made sure when you went somewhere with that women, me, the child came with. Thank you for not acting as if I never existed, thank you for being a man. You are one of the few men that prove DNA does not make a man a father, thank you for that as well. You took on a responsibility that wasn't yours to begin with but you took it on and if I may say so myself you did a damn good job! You helped my mom become a better person and a better parent and because of that I had amazing parents. I do credit a lot of my life to you, I credit a lot of my strengths to you. I love you daddy and no matter what I'll always be your little girl.
love always, Jordy

Mrs. B-Dub

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