Monday, September 20, 2010

its okay to take a break.

Oh it has been forever, and sadly I don't have so many exciting tails.
I think I haven't been posting not because I haven't had time but after seeing all these people putting their marital issues all over the internet I just thought that was tacky. But the reality is we all have marital issues, and this is my blog.
if you say you don't then well your lying and probably have more problems then the rest of us.

Ive seen a few people that post there daily life and one day its "OMG hes so amazing he did this and this and yadayada" the next day " well we got into a fight again and I kicked him out again, I just cant believe he did it again ugh I hate him." next day" so today he came home with a red rose and apologized and swore he will never do it again I love him SO much......" that is exactly who I don't want to be.
Thank you mom and dad for teaching me to not be an idiot when it comes to shit bags for men. Also thank you Ben for not being a shit bag.
Anyway while I don't think your every issue needs to be broadcast, I think for anyone to act as if their life is perfect is possibly even more annoying.

I believe we all have struggles, mine lately has been getting back into the "wife" groove.
Since Ben got home I've been so worried to expect to much from him and to keep reminding myself, it took me 7 months to become the parent I am ease him in and he will get it. But the reality is I never got eased into it, no one was there to show me I had to because I was all she had. Ive had a hard time realizing I'm not a single mom and it's okay to ask if he can watch her while I go to the store and get some groceries. More so asking him to do that, is NOT putting to much pressure on him. He is her father, and my husband that's his job when he's not at work.

I had been stressing myself out for so long worrying about over loading him with these duties, that I wasn't letting him do anything. Mean while doing everything by myself and becoming angry about him not doing anything. I felt it was expected of me to have the house cleaned, meals made, laundry done and take care of our daughter 24/7 with no help from him other then financially. I think any women would get very frustrated with that. Well after discussing it the other day he pointed this all out to me, and I kind of felt stupid. I was so angry with him for feeling as if he deserved a break, especially before me. After everything was said and done I was on my was to the commissary to get some groceries by myself for the very first time in way to long. And the next morning we went with he and his friend to the beach while they surfed.
Now only if we could reach an agreement on his video games.

Mrs. B-Dub


  1. Ah, sometimes I agree with you. Seeing all the,"I love my husband", and the next day,"Sometimes he is SUCH a douche and I want a divorce." I mean yes, marriages have ups & downs but like you said, seriously, keep it off of the internet. If you need to vent, okay; that's what private blogs are for...and phone calls.

    Anywho; I always love your posts. You're so blunt. :)

  2. OH i so agree i just said something about this yesterday to a friend of mine. I have a girl on my facebook who we all know how disfunctional her life is and she is always trying to pretend its ABSOLUTELY perfect. I have to refrain myself every time i see her status saying "waiting for mr.perfect" or "my husband is so sweet" husband pisses me off sometimes but that don't mean i want a divorce. UGH i agree... if only you were closer i would have someone to talk to who understands!! =)