Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 13. someone I wish I could forgive.

Dear sister in law,
Our relationship has forever been rocky, in the beginning my brother told me you were basically stalking him so I took matters into my own hands. Later he confessed that he did actually like you and lied to me, I'm not sure why he lied but at that time you were not helping the situation by making sure I could see you making out with him in public. I mean really for Pete's sake hes my little brother.
Since then your aunt told my mom the real reason my brother wasn't able to come to our grandpas funeral or even to visit grandma after he past, was in fact because your birthday was that weekend and you told him if he went you would break up with him. THAT is why I have hard feelings towards you, I mean really who does that? I and plenty others in our family have realized you have this idea in your head that basically your the shit and the world revolves around you. You control his life like its cool, for instance he can't even work on his truck at our parents house with out you calling every hour to see what hes doing and where he is. You planned a party for his 21st and failed to even mention it to our dad, need I remind you that when ever you guys have needed help or when your family kicked you out it was my mom and dad that were and are there for you. when your car broke down 30 minutes away from his moms in California our dad drove 8 hours out of his way to come get you guys.

Now even though I have a ton of reasons to hate you I see that my brother is happy, most of the time I'm really not sure why but he is. So I continue to try to forgive you and act like everything is okay. One of these days I plan to have a talk with you about all of this and I hope that we work everything out, so there it is.
Mrs. B-Dub

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