Sunday, January 9, 2011

adventures of breaking the Bink.

Finally nap time! A couple days before the new year Ben and I were talking about when we would like to finally start taking away Cambria's binky. We originally planned her birthday but since I knew she had to get quite a few shots at her 12 months check up I just thought it would be less of a head ache to just let her have it. So we decided the 1st of January! He would still have a few days of leave left so he could help me in the case she turned into a devil and we had to take turns.
The first day wasn't to bad, getting her to actually take a nap was a little frustrating and when she actually did fall asleep it was only for 20 minutes. Night time was a little better unfortunately we had to get back to the old routine of holding her until she was asleep and then waiting a few minutes until we actually put her in her crib. When I gave her, her milk she wouldn't drink it until I put it in a sippy cup. I was slightly excited to be done with the bottle even though she was pretty much already weened off of it we had only been using the bottle once a day before bedtime but I thought she would get more attached to it in the absence of her pacifier, but she didn't!

It seems the second day was so much worse especially because she had secret stashes of binky's through out the house and she got so excited when she found one luckily Ben or I was close to her every time so we could take it from her immediately. Nap time was again more of a fight as was bed time but we stuck with it! Day three was terrible only because we had to go get a friend from a airport 2 and half hours away so she was couped up in the car basically the whole day. We stopped at a mini-mall an hour before his flight landed so she could get out and run around but on the way home she screamed for a good hour it was terrible! Now 9 days later I am pretty happy we finally did it. We are no where near ready to go on a road trip any time soon but I believe she is too the point where she doesn't need it. Now to break the sleeping habit again.

One thing I will say that annoys me with being a parent and I know Ive discussed this before, but other people putting there 2 cents in. Don't tell me its too early that my daughter still needs it because so and so let there kid keep there pacifier until they were 3 its okay. NO it's not okay and in my opinion as well as any dentists 3 is just to damn old for a kid to be sucking on a binky they recommend you take it and the bottle away at the age of 1 because yes it can cause issues with teeth. I do believe the bottle issue is more for teeth rot and parents that leave bottles in the crib with there kids, which is something I never did. Ever since I ran into a person I used to know and saw that her 14 month old already had 3 caps not to forget the cavities I saw as well I became terrified of my daughter having bad teeth.

Ive introduced the tooth brush she absolutely hates it when I brush her teeth cause she likes to do it, but I think that's pretty normal. I can only keep doing it and make it a routine and hope she eventually catches on.

Anyway not much else has been going on, we have decided to extend for one more deployment well he decided I'm only here to support him. We are starting to consider buying a house and after looking around I'm pretty excited cause a nice 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 2,000+ square foot house here is average $150,000 however that same house back home...$350,000+. Hopefully we can break our lease with out penalty cause if we wait he would be leaving a month after we moved in. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do while he's gone, but if we end up buying I would be staying here and going back to visit for a month Ive been considering getting a job its just a matter of finding something that will pay me more then daycare costs. So hopefully we get everything figured out I have high hopes for 2011!
Mrs. B-Dub

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