Friday, June 24, 2011

nothing says I love you like pulling poop out of your kids butt.

I just have to share my night because I actually thought it was quite hilarious..
Theres a large fire here I guess, the definition of large and fire seem to be much different then that back home as in its a lot more serious in southern Oregon. Anyway it's been extremely smokey I woke up yesterday morning thinking my house was on fire because it was full of smoke I'm guessing from the ac being on it had leaked in. Well it got better later that evening and I was excited to go work out finally. Then it starts raining and thats one thing I will give the east coast props on, I thought coming from the "green state" I'd know rain and yes it does rain frequently in Oregon how ever when it RAINS here it freaking POURS mostly because they have so many tropical storms which was yesterdays case.

So I cancel my work out in my head and then 5 minutes later its sunny again so I start to get ready, Cambria wakes up from her nap just as I'm done getting dressed and we were on our way. I had an amazing work out even got to get a little tan in finally go to get Cambria out of the child care and just as I turn around after signing her out it starts raining we get outside and start running to the truck which I had of corse decided to park at the farthest row from the gym. I stopped by subway on the way home and I gave cambria my chips, yes maybe thats an unhealthy food choice to give a toddler however when you have a picky eater like I do you will resort to about anything when there going through there super picky spurts.

We get home and eat and I jump in the shower now since Ben is gone all privacy/ relaxing has gone out the window, not that there is much even when he's here but still. I have to leave all the doors open and the shower curtain only pulled half way so she can see/talk to me. About half way through my shower she comes in and starts messing with stuff, not a big deal cause I keep an eye on her. Then while Im washing my body(sorry for the visual) I feel these clumps hitting the back of my heals I look down and Cambria has dumped her bag of nacho cheese Doritos in the shower with me...awesome. Not a big deal I just scoop them up and finish up my shower, one thing that sucks about showering during the day is Cambria then wants to take a bath which we don't do until 8:30 pm right before we put her to bed and it was only 6pm so she was cranky.
Get to bath time, so I run her bath she gets super excited and I put her in. Now Im sure some are going to read this and think OMG she's a terrible parent, I left the bathroom to get her jammies ready. Well while I was doing that I hear her start to whine so I run in there to see whats wrong and as I get closer I notice first a smell and then little brown things in the water. She had pooped in the tub for the second time in her life, but this time it was many little poops and one poop that happened to be still stuck in/hanging out of her butt. So I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped it out and then proceeded to scoop up all the little poops as I was draining the tub so they wouldn't clog the drain. We then proceed with a shower instead and she goes to bed.

To complete my night there was thunder and lightning right above our house so I couldn't fall asleep. When I was able to finally fall asleep, Ben had time to call me so we spoke for about 30 minutes, get back to sleep and about an hour later Cambria starts screaming. I go into her room and she at some point had taken her diaper off and had just peed all over and was very unhappy with things. I got it all cleaned up and put her back to bed at which time it is around 1:30 am so I decide that I would not be waking up early to do zumba today, but instead sleeping in. How ever so far my day has gone quite well. :)

Mrs. B-Dub

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