Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh hello real world, not so nice to see you again..

He's home, for some reason this 5 week training felt like the span of a deployment to me it just seemed so long. Cambria was SO excited to see her daddy it was adorable, he was waiting in the company office so we walked past a bunch of marines outside which she always stares to see if she can find him its like Wheres Waldo lol. If it weren't for the tattoo on his forearm I don't think I'd ever spot him. Anyway once we'd found him he of corse smiled real big and she just kinda stared for a second and then ran over to him and hugged him and would not let go, it was so cute.

Last night we received the rather large window for deployment, even though its the dates I assumed it would be it's just to real he's leaving yet again and way to soon. You'd think after going through multiple deployments it'd get easier or you'd get use to it but it doesn't, you don't. I hate to admit it but I find myself a lot more worried this time. It's almost funny the things you'd think you know from what the media is telling you, compared to what you actually know when you are in the military life. Yes there are thousands of troops being sent home BUT there are also just as many going to replace them, if not more. Why would they tell you that though, telling the public that the deployment rotation hasn't changed at all since the war started would jeopardize re-elections, well that's not true the rotation has actually increased. But someone wants to get re-elected so they'll say what they need to say to make that happen I wish america would wake up about all of this.There deploying more often and and in quicker time then before. Training is crammed and most of them aren't even home for a year before there gone again.

Now this is not me complaining about the life that I signed up for, and before some of you think you didn't sign anything. Yes you are right to a degree no I didn't sign any contract to join the Marine Corps, deploy and fight for my country and it's people like my husband did. However I did sign a contract vowing that I would Love and cherish, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer, be faithful and forsake all others until death do us part. So the way I see it is YES I did sign up for this just as he did and because of that I rarely complain about it. Yes it sucks and I don't like it but it's his job and there are things he must do to do his job efficiently, and most of the time that requires him to be away. I knew that when I was dating him and I knew that even more when I married him and I accept it now because being with him and the love we have means more then it all. So because of all of this I am hoping to make these few short weeks we have left before he leaves the best we can, we agreed to try our best to not fight and we don't care what it is if we want to do it we are(nothing illegal obviously). Well thats all for now..

Mrs. B-Dub

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  1. Ugh, this made me cry. You are so right. It doesn't matter how many times you've gone through it, how much you think you've prepared yourself for it.... When the time comes, it's hard and sad as hell to say goodbye. But like you said, that's the reality of being a military spouse and as hard as it is, we just push on as best we can. I'll be praying each and every day for the Marines and of course the families. Hang in there and remember I'm always here <3