Thursday, June 30, 2011

rant to the Xtremes.

Some peoples kids, seriously..
I'm sorry (actually I'm not I just say that a lot kind of like a warning I'm about to piss you off) anyway it is NOT okay to 'brag' about your husband or anyone for that matter having ptsd or anything. But the worst part is when the reasoning for this so called "ptsd" is something that has absolutely nothing to do with a combat experience, when it fact said person has never ever experienced combat or really anything worse then playing COD in the comfort of there own home. Why does this upset me? No my husband is not suffering from anything, however even if he were I would never, nor would he allow me to broadcast it anywhere. I do have a few close friends who do have ptsd, tbi you name it they have it from injuries sustained in combat and/or being blown up. But THIS right here is why the majority of grunts have very little respect for pog's.
no this is not me saying grunts are better then pogs.
Yes my husband is a grunt so obviously my opinion may be a little skewed but, I have a hard time when someone acts as if there husband is missing limbs or constantly trying to kill themselves when I have had more traumatic things happen to me while making dinner. Your life is not that hard my dear stfu.
Another thing trying to gain popularity from someones death especially when you never knew said person makes you a piece of shit. end of story.

Mrs. B-Dub

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