Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sometimes change is good.

Well the husband is in california for training and has been for the past 5 weeks but he is coming home soon like within a couple days soon. Well he was/is suppose to be coming home in a couple days but apparently they changed the flights and now its like a few days. He texted me the other day telling me he might not be home when planned and I was upset at first cause we've both missed him a lot. I let Cambria watch videos of them quite frequently, she gets so excited especially when he calls the few times he's been able to.
Anyway my mom and I were discussing how much pregnancy changed me, I guess I'm a lot more relaxed. I don't let many things get me upset, but if something does start to stress me out its like stressX10. When Cambria was an infant mostly, everyone I knew would compliment how relaxed she was and they attributed it to me being such a "chill" person. I guess thats just what this life has done to me, I realize theres much bigger things to worry about so why sweat the small stuff.
Situations like this one where the guys have been gone for 5 weeks and are suppose to be back this weekend then get a short leave and then BAM deployment. It has a lot of people freaking out, I guess I understand but theres nothing we can do to change it, we know there coming back its only a couple days later so I just don't see the need to be freaking out and let it ruin your day. Which brings me back to my last post, the complaining and pity parties I'm so over it...all of them.
I imagine I will probably be losing a lot of "friends" this deployment. I liked it so much more when I was a girlfriend and didn't have to deal with any of the unit stuff and the unit wives.When rank didn't ever come up all I cared about was that my boyfriend was amazing and just happened to be a marine which I was super proud of him for. Know everything is rank, gossip, back stabbing...DRAMA and very lame. Honestly I have one unit friend who is no drama and with out her I would be lost a lot of the time. It's nice though we are two very different people but we actually have a ridiculous amount in common and our personalities and views are basically the same, which is a rare find when you think like me lol.

Another thing I've been realizing, every deployment its typical for the guys to distance themselves, suddenly you start fighting over stupid things. Sadly this is normal, and it happens just about every time and not only deployments. However I've realized lately I've been doing that with everyone lately just secluding myself almost. I'm not sure if its the deployment or the heat/humidity I just haven't been super social.

Mrs. B-Dub

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