Saturday, June 11, 2011


"two things I've learned in my long 22 years of life; If you have a problem with something change it, if you can't change it shut the fuck up about it cause no one cares. Someday you need to realize that the problem isn't always everyone else, but more then likely the problem is YOU"-Me, this morning after getting really sick of people and there none stop complaining about everything and everyone.

well its been forever since I got on here and just wrote but I feel the urge so here I go,
After quite a few months of literally being disgusted with myself I finally decided to do something about it. Last Tuesday I went to the gym, two days later I decided to try Zumba and let me tell you holy shit it was a work out but so much fun at the same time. It felt like I had been there for 20 minutes when we were doing the last 'cool down' song and the class is an hour long. Anyway I started watching what I was eating a little more and when I weighed myself that next week I had lost 3 pounds :) it's not a lot but I did have two days of cheating(pizza/cookies) and only five days of work out so I think it was a good start.

and now for the biggest news, today is day 6 of no cigarettes. Yes I smoked :/ I don't think I could be considered a "smoker" cause I would only smoke 3-4 cigarettes a day but still. I decided to not quit cold turkey but to pace myself so I went down to 1 a day and then thursday I just didn't smoke at all for some reason I just didn't want to and didn't realize until the day was almost over I hadn't smoked at all that day, hadn't even thought about it. So the pressure I have to quit I can't put those/these days to waste and so now instead of letting myself get stressed and either smoking or eating I'm trying to learn to calm myself down. I've noticed I don't stress as easily since I started working out.

now the rambling begins, about a month ago the husbands reenlistment was finally corrected and turned in, and very unusually was approved within 24 hours. Unfortunately I did not realize that its june and right after june is july, the dreaded month we say our 'see ya laters' yet again. deployment number 4 is literally just around the corner and I'm really trying not to freak out. I try to be as supportive as I can with some friends but in reality I have a hard time "pitying" anyone who "thinks" they have it bad. You can tell me your sob story all you want, and yes maybe I haven't walked in your shoes how ever I have a really hard time having sympathy for someone who wants it. any way Im done for now thanks for reading =D

Mrs. B-Dub

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