Sunday, July 10, 2011

Here we go yet again....

I hate deployments
I hate flaky friends
I hate over bearing emotions
I hate people that talk shit about others and then act like there best friend
I hate that I expect way to much of myself
I hate the drama and people that keep it going
I hate being scared
I hate not knowing what my future holds
I hate that when I tell myself no crying I cry even harder
I won't complain though because this is his job and if there's nothing I can do to change the problem I shouldn't let it ruin my day.

Mrs. B-Dub

1 comment:

  1. You got a lovely family. A beautiful girl. I cant imaging how you feel every time he deported. But i know how you feel when you two apart between 2 different countries. My husband live Albanian. I live England. we been waited for 2 year to have a visa for him to living here with me. During by waiting. i hate leaving him here and come home every few month. Now he living with me in England…

    You got lovely blog, I must follow you :-). Hope you find your time to follow me back please

    Have a lovely day, Keep your chin up babe x Much love Sacha x