Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HEY YOU I need opinions!!!

today marks a great day, the day I deleted my Facebook account. Yes I am aware it never actually deletes which is good cause I plan on getting on and updating pictures of Cambria probably once a month but Im just tired of the drama.

I finally took my husbands advice and said fuck it. you wanna talk to me then do it but call or text me. And as I've said before Facebook is not a place for family its a place for friends. How ever so many of our family members seem to think the only way to keep in touch is via Facebook when that is not the case and simply because we don't comment or "like" your shit doesn't mean we don't care although often times thats exactly what it means.

And now I have a question for anyone/everyone reading this, referring to my blog two blogs ago HERE where I address my opinion along with some facts of second hand smoke. I would like YOUR opinion, do you agree/disagree and why or why not? also do you think I was overly dramatic at all? all comments would be greatly appreciated =D!

Mrs. B-Dub

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