Wednesday, August 31, 2011


BIGGEST annoyance when companies try to screw over service members for deploying! Im am currently on the phone with AT&T and they are trying to charge us a early termination fee for canceling my husbands plan, good thing I have the soldiers and sailors act memorized after the huge fight with our ex-landlord. Also that I submitted his deployment orders. This seriously is pissing me off.
Im trying my hardest to NOT start screaming and cussing at Ilene how ever its becoming very difficult when this is the second time I have this issue since my husband left and the second time AT&T has tried to screw us out of money in the last month. Hopefully once Ilenes manger gets on the phone I can get my money back for that to, That being they changed our plane when we asked them not and then charged us for it making our plan $100 more then it should've been and no we don't go over our minutes or anything it was to lessen our plan but because we would loose our roll over minutes I askd to keep our current plan, apparently they thought they knew better for me lol.

Now they are telling me that I only asked to use my husbands orders to cancel one phone number as if I wanted to pay an early termination fee, so now because we chose to keep our phone numbers we have to pay an early termination fee. FUCK YOU AT&T!

Mrs. B-Dub

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  1. Don't know if you're part of the not talking to me movement, but I was wondering if you made any headway with base legal for the Exit realty assholes. They sent the remainder of our 1000 deposit back, 99 dollars. I'm starting the ball rolling tomorrow.