Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One month.

Tomorrow is one month since I've seen my husband, not an unbearable amount of time just a fact.
Actually a lot has happened since then, I moved out of our house in Jacksonville nc basically by myself due to my very unselfish desicision to not let my husband spend his last few days home packing, well other then his gear that is. Had a very unpleasant experience with delta airlines involving flight changes that apparently never happened and some how was "my fault" according to one very rude delta employee at the Albert j. Ellis airport. But we are back in Oregon living at my parents house to save money and hopefully I'll be buying my husband the brand new motor cycle he's been wanting when he gets back :) I know I'm pretty amazing.

I've evaluated my current situation a few times and it sounds pretty pathetic, I'm 22 almost 23 "single" parent living at my parents house in my old bedroom with my child, no vehicle(left it in storage back east) sleeping in a twin size bed(got cambria a toddler bed thank God)... Yep I'm a real winner! However add in that my husband is currently deployed and we are saving thousands a month makes it sound a lot better.

My personal mission this deployment is to get in shape! Althouh round is a shape, it is not a shape I am okay with being. I realized soon after I got here that I had already lost a pants size due to the lonely packing adventurers well technically 2 since they skip a number but it's only one size but two I'm feeling pretty good I jog to the track every night which is half a mile and quick walk at least 1.5 miles usually 2.5+ and then jog back home. I will say although I've never been obese or even close I've really never been in good athletic shape and pushing myself enough to jog that half mile nonstop was a HUGE deal. But I did it and want to do more I want to eventually be able to jog one mile nonstop and I'm sure I'll make a bigger goal whe I get there.

Here's to hoping I have more time and the Internet gets fixed here soon so I'm not typing on my iPad and can blog more :) sorry if there's any mistypes.

Mrs. B-Dub

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