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Hello, its me..

>Insert witty opening line here< It has certainly been some time since I wondered over here and gave the fingers/brain some exercise. I considered and planned to delete this whole blog and just start over. Ya see, I actually paid some chick a good deal of money to do this whole fancy blog design many a year ago. Well apparently, that had a time line to it because the last time I looked my whole page was FUCKKED up. However it seems ole' blogger has updated their shiz and I was able to do some fancy updating my little old no longer code knowledged self. I use the word fancy, very loosely.   Any who, after some minor headache inducing googles and changes, I deleted all prior posts, cause bitch was crazy 8 years ago 😳, changed the about me because I am only mildly crazy in my older wiser age, and now here we are. 
I guess I should do some "about me" since those posts no longer exist eh? 
Well if you followed me before, What up?!?!?! Im back! If not, Heyyyyy, For the…

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