Wednesday, August 31, 2011


BIGGEST annoyance when companies try to screw over service members for deploying! Im am currently on the phone with AT&T and they are trying to charge us a early termination fee for canceling my husbands plan, good thing I have the soldiers and sailors act memorized after the huge fight with our ex-landlord. Also that I submitted his deployment orders. This seriously is pissing me off.
Im trying my hardest to NOT start screaming and cussing at Ilene how ever its becoming very difficult when this is the second time I have this issue since my husband left and the second time AT&T has tried to screw us out of money in the last month. Hopefully once Ilenes manger gets on the phone I can get my money back for that to, That being they changed our plane when we asked them not and then charged us for it making our plan $100 more then it should've been and no we don't go over our minutes or anything it was to lessen our plan but because we would loose our roll over minutes I askd to keep our current plan, apparently they thought they knew better for me lol.

Now they are telling me that I only asked to use my husbands orders to cancel one phone number as if I wanted to pay an early termination fee, so now because we chose to keep our phone numbers we have to pay an early termination fee. FUCK YOU AT&T!

Mrs. B-Dub

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HEY YOU I need opinions!!!

today marks a great day, the day I deleted my Facebook account. Yes I am aware it never actually deletes which is good cause I plan on getting on and updating pictures of Cambria probably once a month but Im just tired of the drama.

I finally took my husbands advice and said fuck it. you wanna talk to me then do it but call or text me. And as I've said before Facebook is not a place for family its a place for friends. How ever so many of our family members seem to think the only way to keep in touch is via Facebook when that is not the case and simply because we don't comment or "like" your shit doesn't mean we don't care although often times thats exactly what it means.

And now I have a question for anyone/everyone reading this, referring to my blog two blogs ago HERE where I address my opinion along with some facts of second hand smoke. I would like YOUR opinion, do you agree/disagree and why or why not? also do you think I was overly dramatic at all? all comments would be greatly appreciated =D!

Mrs. B-Dub

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I hate facebook.

You know those inspirational pictures with the words like FREEDOM and a bald eagle. Okay now you know that one with the word AFGHANISTAN individual experiences may vary..then a pictures actually let me find it...

There we go, this^^^ picture is why I hate facebook, everyday I sign in and am reminded how not only individual troop experiences may vary but how there spouses experiences also vary.

Here this may piss a few people off but plain and simply put IN MY OPINION deployments are much different for infantry wives then they are for many non-infantry wives.
My husband doesn't have constant or even weekly and 99% of time monthly access to the internet in fact usually the only time he can get on is before they get to afghanistan and when they leave and are about to come home, and a phone call every other week is a lot of contact. Typically 5 out of 7 days he spends not a desk, room, shop, building but getting shot at somewhere else.
I wont say I miss my husband any more or less then any other wife Im just saying if you get to talk to your husband frequently while he's gone you have VERY little to bitch about.

I will never forget a wife once complaining to me about how worried she was that her husband didn't email her back the night before cause they would email at least twice a day and she hadn't heard from him in 12 hours. Now Im often a nice person and said oh wow that sucks, but inside I was thinking Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?! your going to complain TO ME of all people. That is like complaining how you sprained your ankle and can't walk t0 someone who was in an accident paralyzing them from the waist down.

I will give props to some army wives I do not know how you handle 14-15 month deployments I was glad for you when they announced the 9 month plan.

Mrs. B-Dub

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fo reals

Sometimes I just don't understand people, some choose to use this time while my husband is deployed to write him letters "telling on me" it makes me laugh every time cause first off we tell each other EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. From hemorrhoids to hello we tell it all. Not sure why, we just do. Neither of us has jealousy or trust issues we just share everything. Anyway so when these people write him saying your wife blocked me on Facebook he already knows and he knows why. But on the other hand of that I also don't feel the need to bother him with nonsense unlike many people. It's actually really annoying to the both of us. So if you are one of these people please do yourself a favor and just don't bother writing him cause the only thing your doing by writing him is making him dislike you more then he already does.

Now to the people who seem to only give a shit about my husband when he's deployed and try to use his service as a way to gain popularity, you disgust me.
To the people that just don't care about him at all until that very rare occasion we are able to come visit home, and you get pissed when we don't spend time with you or "enough" time with you. When you decide to fork out the money for our plane tickets which will now be 3 seats due to cambrias age we will spend as much time with you as you can handle until then STFU!

Now to a whole different group of people, adults who smoke.
Now a few posts ago I said how I had quit smoking I am glad to say I have yet to start again, and that is/was my own personal decision it's your choice if you want to smoke and I don't care if you do HOWEVER smoking while pregnant is NOT okay. I don't care who you are who "told" you it was okay let's be serious here you have to be a fucking idiot if you would consider for one millisecond that smoking while growing a child in your body is okay. And if your one of those "my doctor told me not to quit/it was okay" you better get that shit in writing so you can sue them, and you need to STFU and not be having children if you think making excuses actually justifies how much of a piece of shit you are. Your child isn't even born yet and you already don't give a shit if you kill them, PROPS TO YOU PARENT OF THE YEAR.
Now to the adults who continue or start smoking after the baby is born and are breast feeding. Yes breast milk is the best thing you can give to your new born child, however not when it's full of poison. Yes the smoke itself does not get in your mil, but EVERYTHING else in that cigarette does. And you should know that second hand smoke has been proven to be one of the leading causes of SIDS, so again props to you for being a piece of shit that shouldn't be having children in the first place. Word to the wise it cost less to get a hysterectomy then it does to raise a child.
And last but not least the adults who smoke while in the car with there children, SHAME on you! I don't care if your window is down you are worthless as a parent and human being! your children should be taken away from you!...rant over.

Mrs. B-Dub

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One month.

Tomorrow is one month since I've seen my husband, not an unbearable amount of time just a fact.
Actually a lot has happened since then, I moved out of our house in Jacksonville nc basically by myself due to my very unselfish desicision to not let my husband spend his last few days home packing, well other then his gear that is. Had a very unpleasant experience with delta airlines involving flight changes that apparently never happened and some how was "my fault" according to one very rude delta employee at the Albert j. Ellis airport. But we are back in Oregon living at my parents house to save money and hopefully I'll be buying my husband the brand new motor cycle he's been wanting when he gets back :) I know I'm pretty amazing.

I've evaluated my current situation a few times and it sounds pretty pathetic, I'm 22 almost 23 "single" parent living at my parents house in my old bedroom with my child, no vehicle(left it in storage back east) sleeping in a twin size bed(got cambria a toddler bed thank God)... Yep I'm a real winner! However add in that my husband is currently deployed and we are saving thousands a month makes it sound a lot better.

My personal mission this deployment is to get in shape! Althouh round is a shape, it is not a shape I am okay with being. I realized soon after I got here that I had already lost a pants size due to the lonely packing adventurers well technically 2 since they skip a number but it's only one size but two I'm feeling pretty good I jog to the track every night which is half a mile and quick walk at least 1.5 miles usually 2.5+ and then jog back home. I will say although I've never been obese or even close I've really never been in good athletic shape and pushing myself enough to jog that half mile nonstop was a HUGE deal. But I did it and want to do more I want to eventually be able to jog one mile nonstop and I'm sure I'll make a bigger goal whe I get there.

Here's to hoping I have more time and the Internet gets fixed here soon so I'm not typing on my iPad and can blog more :) sorry if there's any mistypes.

Mrs. B-Dub